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Established in 1963, Master Drawings, a not-for-profit art quarterly, is the leading international periodical for the study of Western draftsmanship  from the fourteenth century to the present day.  Edited to the highest academic standards, it seeks to present the best new research in a clear, elegant, and accessible format, publishing newly discovered material, significant reattributions, and fresh interpretations. Each issue, extensively illustrated with high-quality images, consists of articles, notes, exhibition and book reviews, as well as trade advertising. Other features, such as interviews with living artists and essays about historical collectors or collections, are intended to foster a sense of continuity between the pre-modern and modern eras. Click here to subscribe to Master Drawings Journal. Digital access is included with subscription, featuring enhanced options for interacting with the quarterly’s content. 


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Annual Master Drawings Symposium
January 30, 2024 4:30 pm
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